Get Involved

Would you like to help out with the visioning process? One of the goals of Our Village, Our Future is to reach out to and engage as many people as possible in the Ridgewood community in the visioning process. Through the Visioning Questionnaire, we have heard from more than 500 people so far.

You can help us reach out to even more people through your friends, family, neighbors, and through local clubs/organizations in which you belong. On the Get Involved page of this website, we identify six ways that you can help out with the visioning process. While you can still help with any of the methods, through the end of this month and January, we are focusing on two of the six: #4 Conduct Video or Audio Interviews and #5 Facilitate a Discussion. The links will take you to toolkits that provide guidance on these activities. Take a moment to review the tookits, and if you are interested in one or both of these activities, let us know by filling out the form on the Get Involved page.

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