Map Your Vision

A belated Happy New Year! Through the Visioning Questionnaire (which we encourage you to complete if you still haven’t had the chance yet) you have the opportunity to share opinions, ideas, and aspirations about the Village of a relatively general nature. Today, we are launching a new tool called Map Your Vision so you can provide more focused input. Map Your Vision is a web-based public engagement tool through which you pinpoint specific locations on a map, type in and categorize your comments about those locations, and (if you wish) upload photos associated with those locations. The Map Your Vision tool asks you to pinpoint and provide comments on three topics: Favorite or Special Places, Opportunities or Ideas for the Future, and Current or Future Challenges or Issues.


A Few Technical Notes: While this tool will work on a tablet or cell phone, it tends to be easier to navigate, operate, and see other people’s contributions to the map using a laptop or desktop computer. Also note that the map functions much like a Google Map in that you can zoom in and out, pan (shift) the map around in any direction using your mouse, and change the base map to an aerial/satellite photo. The basic instructions for adding points to the map are located on the top of the Map Your Vision website. If you have any questions or need technical support, e-mail

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