Updates to Next Steps (& More)

Updated Milestones. We will be updating the schedule for producing, submitting, and posting the Preliminary Draft of the first section of the Village’s next Master Plan shortly and post the revised timeline on this website.

Call for Photos. Have you taken any great photos in Ridgewood? We would like to feature in the document photos taken by residents that showcase life in Ridgewood during any season of the year. Here are some of the types of photos we’d like to include:

  • People using and enjoying Ridgewood’s parks and open spaces.
  • People using the library or other community-oriented facilities.
  • People at community events/festivals.
  • Special, lesser-known places in the Village.

Please e-mail photos to photos@visionridgewood.org (total size of all photos together should not exceed 10 megabytes) OR e-mail a link to an online photo gallery, Dropbox, or a similar type of service that contains downloadable versions of the photos you would like to submit. We will provide a photo credit if we include your photo in your report.

County Parks Master Plan Adopted. Bergen County adopted a Parks Master Plan in December 2019. The overarching goal of the plan is to identify the characteristics of the County’s recreation and open space system, accommodate the needs of current residents, and respond to projected future growth. This article summarizes the plan. The plan document can be downloaded from this link.

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