Detailed Timeline of Next Steps

We are pleased to present a detailed timeline for the review, comment, completion, and adoption of the report that captures the outcomes of the Our Village, Our Future visioning process. As mentioned in a prior post, the approach being taken is to create a product that not only summarizes the outcomes of the visioning process, but that also serves as the first section of the Village’s next Master Plan—a required section that identifies objectives, principles, and other fundamental aspects of the Master Plan. Therefore, the report is titled Village of Ridgewood Master Plan – Section 1: Our Village, Our Future.

The following is a detailed timeline of all the steps involved in this process. As part of the first round of review of the report, the Master Plan Subcommittee has submitted a Preliminary Draft to the Planning Board. This was the first step.

Tuesday, February 18: Master Plan Subcommittee Submits Preliminary Draft to Planning Board. The Planning Board will review the Preliminary draft. During this time the Planning Board may also provide the draft to Council.

Tuesday, March 3: Planning Board Meeting. Highlights of the Preliminary Draft will be presented by the consultant, followed by a discussion with the Planning Board about the Preliminary Draft.

Wednesday, March 4: Village Council Work Session. Highlights of the Preliminary Draft will be presented by the consultant and the Master Plan Subcommittee, followed by a discussion with Council about the Preliminary Draft.

If the Planning Board and/or Council recommends any corrections or agreed-upon revisions to the Preliminary Draft, these will be recorded and an updated version of the Preliminary Draft will be produced.

Monday, March 9: Post Preliminary Draft on Website for Public Review & Comment. The Preliminary Draft will be posted on the Village’s website for the public to download. Several printed copies of the document will be available to review at Village Hall and the Library. Residents and other members of the public will have approximately three weeks to review the Preliminary Draft and submit comments.

Friday, March 27: Public Review & Comment Period Closes. All public comments will be compiled and organized.

Tuesday, April 7: Planning Board Meeting. A summary of the public comments received will be presented to the Planning Board and any potential revisions to the Preliminary Draft based on these comments will be identified and discussed.

Friday April 10: Produce Final Draft and Submit to Master Plan Subcommittee. A Final Draft will be produced that incorporates any revisions agreed upon during the April 7 Planning Board Meeting.

Tuesday, April 14: Master Plan Subcommittee Submits Final Draft to Planning Board. The Final Draft will be posted on the Village’s website.

Tuesday, May 5: Planning Board Meeting. The Planning Board will consider the Final Draft for adoption.

This timeline is subject to change. Please visit this website for any updates to the timeline. If you are not already signed up to receive an e-mail whenever this website is updated with new information, look for the phrase “Receive E-mail Updates” on the right sidebar (or, if you are viewing the website on a cell phone or tablet, scroll down) and follow the instructions provided.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this process, please contact us through form on the Contact page.

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