Updated Timeline

Prior to our lives changing significantly, we presented the Preliminary Draft of the Village of Ridgewood Master Plan – Section 1: Our Village, Our Future to the Planning Board on March 3 and to Council on March 4 (click here to view a streaming video of the Council meeting; Planning Board minutes forthcoming). Our next internal steps are to prepare the draft for publication to the website, create an online form for receiving comments, and post the draft for you to read.

The following is the updated timeline. Especially given the uncertainty of the next several weeks, this timeline is subject to change.

Tuesday, March 17: Post Draft for Public Review on Website. The Draft for Public Review will be posted on this website for the public to download. A link will also be posted to the Village website. After the library reopens, several printed copies of the draft, along with printed comment forms, will be made available there.

Thursday, April 30: Public Review & Comment Period Closes. At least six weeks will be provided to review the draft and submit comments. After April 30, a summary of public comments will be produced. The summary will include a list of potential revisions to the draft based on public comments.

Tuesday, May 5: Planning Board Meeting. The summary of public comments will be presented to the Planning Board and any potential revisions to the draft based on public comments will be discussed.

Friday, May 8: Produce Final Draft and Submit to Master Plan Subcommittee. A Final Draft will be produced that incorporates any revisions agreed upon during the May 5th Planning Board Meeting.

Tuesday, May 12: Master Plan Subcommittee Submits Final Draft to Planning Board. The Final Draft will be posted online.

Tuesday, May 19: Planning Board Meeting: The Planning Board will tentatively approve the Final Draft and authorize a date for the public hearing on the potential adoption of the first section of the Master Plan. Notice of the hearing must be published at least 10 days prior to the date of the hearing. The Final Draft will be posted online.

Tuesday, June 2: Planning Board Meeting. The Planning Board will consider the Final Draft for adoption at this public hearing.

The Village would like to encourage you to register for Swift911. In its efforts to provide more reliable communications with Ridgewood residents, the Village has employed Swiftreach Networks, Inc., as its emergency notification service provider. “Swift911” is a system that makes phone calls to specific people or areas in the event of an emergency. This system is also useful for sharing important and, on occasion, critical information. All the calls you receive will have the Caller ID of Village of Ridgewood – 201-670-5500.

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