Draft for Public Review Posted Online

The Planning Board welcomes comments on the draft of the Village of Ridgewood Master Plan – Section 1: Our Village, Our Future from the Village community, which includes residents; local organizations, groups, and businesses; boards and committees; and any other members of the public who are interested in Ridgewood’s future.

An online Comment Form has been created to receive comments. If you are responding on behalf of a Village organization, group, board, or committee, the Comment Form is designed to accept comments on behalf of that entity.

The current pandemic, which started at the tail end of the visioning process, will likely have major impacts on the economy and on society that will reverberate through every community for years to come. While the visioning process is coming to a close, the process of formulating the next sections of the Master Plan, which the Village has not yet scheduled, will include more detailed analysis and further public engagement that can factor in impacts of the pandemic. Nevertheless, since Section 1 of the Master Plan identifies core values, objectives, and principles, we have included a question in the Comment Form for you to start thinking about how the pandemic and its potential impacts might reinforce, reshape, or generate new core values, objectives, and principles.

Comments are due by Thursday, April 30, which is approximately six weeks from today. In three weeks we will revisit this date to determine if more time should be provided.

Click here to go to the Reports page of this website, from which you can download a PDF file of the Draft for Public Review. A link to the Comment Form is also located on that page.

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