4/5/2022 Planning Board and Draft Release

The HGA / NV5 Project Team has completed the “90%” draft of the Master Plan. John Barree from HGA will be at the Planning Board tomorrow night (4/5/2022) to introduce the Plan to the public and Board. This will be a brief explanation to review the process and to discuss what to expect in the Plan and what to anticipate as we move toward adoption.

After tomorrow night, the draft will be posted on this website with an opportunity for comments and questions to be submitted through the website.

What is a “90% draft?” – The draft document is a full text document of the proposed Plan. The remaining work to be completed between now and adoption include formatting, addition of images and graphics, clean-up of any text or typos, and the inclusion of an “action matrix” at the end of each section.

Thank you for all your interest and participation in this process! We are getting very close to the finish line and are looking forward to sharing the full draft with you. Hope to see you tomorrow night!

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