Section 1.12 Comment Form

Thank you for taking the time to provide comments on Section 1.12. You might consider the following questions while commenting:

    • Section 1.12 identifies and describes the objectives and the principles that will guide the Master Plan. Are there any important objectives, topics, and/or principles that are missing and that should be added to this section?

    • The current pandemic, which started at the tail end of this visioning process, will likely have major impacts on the economy and society for years to come. Does the pandemic and its potential impacts change your thinking about any of the objectives and principles identified in Section 1.12?

When you are ready to provide comments, scroll down to the box below labeled “Comment Form.” You must provide your full name and e-mail address when you submit comments. Your comment will appear below with your name (your e-mail address will not be posted).

3 thoughts on “Section 1.12 Comment Form”

  1. I think the village should take further steps to encourage small businesses in the downtown district. Lower street parking rates and encourage on-street parking, making it easier for residents to swing by and shop. The fees (inspection, etc) the village imposes on the businesses should be lowered. And the village shouldn’t waste money on things like studying whether there should be a shooting range for police in Glen Rock. With the coronavirus pandemic, the town needs to do everything possible to help the local businesses.


  2. It is my opinion that you all have done a great job on this and I agree with your objectives and principles. Thanks for your hard work on this plan.


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