Village Voices: The Younger Generation

The visioning process could not be considered thorough without having consulted with the younger generation in Ridgewood (i.e., residents under the age of 18), which represents more than 30% of the Village’s population. Within this demographic, high school students are especially active participants in Village life. They walk and drive through Ridgewood’s streets, enjoy public parks and the library, participate in community activities and events, attend school, take the train, and are frequent customers in downtown’s shops, cafes, and restaurants. What are their thoughts about Ridgewood today and into the future?

On March 5th, we met with six junior and senior student leaders of the Ridgewood High School (RHS) Project Interact Club, along with the group’s teacher-advisors. The initial questions prompted them to describe the Village and talk about the qualities or parts of it they appreciate, use, or find important. The conversation then evolved into a discussion of how Ridgewood could be improved, from which emerged several principles to consider. The summary of that part of the discussion is organized by these “emerging principles.” Click here to continue reading